Being a LEO wife

My name is Sarah, I’m a first time mother to a wonderful baby boy, “L”, and I’m the wife to a wonderful man who happens to be a Police Officer. They’re my world.

It’s difficult being the wife of a LEO and a first time mother. Your husband works anywhere from 12 to 16 hours every night, and chooses to work on his off days so he can buy you that new dryer you’ve had your eye on. You know that anniversary date you’ve had planned for months? Well, it just got cancelled because your husband has to stand guard over a combative patient at the hospital and won’t be relieved until next shift. You have to do it all. Change every diaper, give every bath and every bottle. You’re not only a mommy and wife, but like most mothers, you’re a chef, seamstress, maid, handyman, nurse and much much more. LEO wives do everything other wives and mothers do. But there’s a lot that’s unique about us.

We cannot fully express how proud we are of our LEO. Most of us are so proud of our LEO that we want to tell everyone we see. We want the bumper stickers, the license plates, we want all the gear, but we have to be careful. There are so many people who have a deep hatred for Law Enforcement and their families, and we never know whose watching us. So we keep it on the down low. We may wear a shirt from time to time, or we may have a key ring, but we’re careful.

The life of a LEO family can be a bit inconvenient. You do your grocery shopping in another town as to avoid anyone your husband has arrested, you always have to sit at the back of a restaurant where he can clearly see all entrances and exits. Then there’s the fear of never seeing them again.

I’m asked fairly often how I do it. How do I sleep at night? Aren’t I afraid? Does the stress ever get to me? My answer is, all the time.

Every day when my LEO leaves, we always make sure to say “I love you”, give our goodbye kisses, and then I tell him to be careful. Because you don’t know. You don’t know if that kiss will be the last one you’ll ever have from him, and you don’t know when or if that dreaded knock on the door will come. Nothing is for certain.

And because of that, we hug our LEO’S just a little tighter, kiss them a little longer, and pray that they’ll make it home.



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