Spring Cleaning part 1

This week I’ve been spring cleaning our upstairs. I hate cleaning. HATE it. I would much rather go outside with L and have fun, but it has to be done eventually I suppose. We’ve been blessed by our friends with little boys and they’ve given us a lot of their gently used baby clothes. But up until recently I haven’t had the time to go through any of them. Well yesterday, I hauled L upstairs and we played in the floors and organized the clothes. We sorted them into boxes of too small, too big, and just right. Then we took the winter clothes from each box and put them into another box. L tried “helping” but obviously made more of a mess than we had when we started haha.

Mommy's little helper
Too big on the left, and too small on the right
Stacks upon Stacks of clothes

After we had sorted all of this clothes, I took all of the itty bitty baby clothes and put them in a diaper bag for future use. My best friend and I both have boys, and we’ve decided that were going to just trade clothes as we have children. When L was 3 months old, she let me borrow several outfits and things for him, and now that he’s outgrown it all, I’ll give it back to her and let her go through any of the clothes I have that would fit her boy. It helps keep the cost of clothes down, especially since children are always growing so fast.

After all the clothes were organized, I put L in his crib for a nap while I continued on to the hallway. The Hubs helped me hang a bunch of our pictures up the stairway, and a hang a poem his Grandmother wrote in L’s bedroom. She wrote it for The Hubs when he was little, and now it hangs on L’s wall.

Pictures going up the stairs...and yes. Those purple flowers came with the frame hahaha


The Hub's grandmother's poem. Isn't it beautiful?

Once all the pictures were hung, I vacuumed the floors, made the guest bed, and the husband dusted the furniture and cleaned the bathroom (he’s such a great guy). And then we were done! Now, on to the downstairs….next week maybe.


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