Spring Cleaning part 2

In Spring Cleaning part 1, I tackled my upstairs, specifically, my son’s nursery.
In part 2, I’ll be tackling my downstairs. Now let me tell you the rooms that are downstairs. There’s my Kitchen, Dining Area, the Living Room, Master Bedroom, and Bathroom. Not a whole lot of rooms compared to some homes, but they can become so cluttered so easily! Especially when we’re all in a hurry which seems like nearly every day.
I started on my living room before taking a before picture. It just completely slipped my mind. But this is it half way through.


Far from finished. If you can, try to imagine a christmas train set underneath the white chair, a huge stack of baby toys beside the white chair, random clutter on the coffee table and on a chair that you can’t see was a dress, a belt, a sweater and a cardboard box.
The train was taken upstairs during Spring Cleaning part 1, and put away.
I took the toys, seperated them into what was played with and what wasnt. And took what was played with and placed them into a small basket and placed the basket beside the couch. This way I have the few toys he’s interested in this month on hand. Then I took the rest and placed them in his toy crate upstairs.
Next I cleaned off the glider chair. Hung up my dress and sweater, put away The Hubs belt, and put the box into the recycling. After that was done, I dusted all the furniture, and vacuumed.
I’ve been wanting to expand my drapes even more than they are now to give the illusion of a large window, but I realized only after separating the brackets, that my rod wasn’t long enough. Oh well, I suppose a trip to the hardware store is in order now.
After putting the drapes back the way they were, I took down the small mirror next to the door, because I thought it was cluttering up my walls. Next, I moved The Hub’s Cop Caddy (that giant black thing next to the door) to the bedroom to make more room in the living room. And this is it now.

With the large cop caddy moved to the bedroom, and the mirror taken off the wall, I feel like it’s less cluttered and there’s more room to breathe. And that’s it for the Living Room.
Now, on to the bedroom…


That’s it. My bedroom. All that stuff you see on my bed? Yeah, it was in the floor. I know, I’m ashamed. I haven’t gotten around to putting the sheets back on my bed after they were washed…days ago. But that ended today! Today I placed the mattress pad and sheets back on my bed where they belong. I also folded the clean laundry (I know, clean laundry in the floor, again I’m ashamed.) And put it away. There’s also this random pile of stuff that’s been accumulating in the corner of my room.


See it? Yeah well, it’s a baby tub, a booster seat, a basket filled with The Hub’s high school memories, and some of my childhood things. I think there’s also a blanket. Oh, and a hand towel rack. Well, it’s been here just growing for months now. I kept saying that I was going to move it to the attic but never did it. Well, no more! It’s gone. It may or may not be in the attic, but it’s not anywhere that can be seen. Ok, it’s in the garage. But it’s organized!
This is my Bedroom now, complete with baby playing on my bed 🙂


It’s still not perfect, but it’s clean and it’s organized. But now I’m tired and the baby is needing a bottle. Tomorrow I’ll be tackling my kitchen, the dining area, under the bathroom sink, and maybe the closets. Maybe.


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