Spring Cleaning part 3

Alright hopefully this is the final part to my spring cleaning journey. In Part 1 I tackled my upstairs, and my son’s nursery. In Part 2 I worked on my Living Room and bedroom. Now in Part 3, I’ll be tackling my Kitchen, the Dining area, and the Bathroom.

Up first, the Bathroom image


Isn’t it awful!? Under my bathroom sink is full of so much stuff that we don’t even use! Time for a trash bag!
I started on the bathroom first.
I pulled everything out of the cabinet, and threw away everything that hadn’t been used in a year or more, and everything that expired. That meant a lot of first aid items, lotions, hair products and various other things.
Aftwards, I took all the first aid items that I had left and put them in the black tub with my lotions. I stacked all of the back up items (extra toothbrushes, extra floss, etc) in the rear, and all of The Hubs hygiene products in the front where he can reach them.
This is under the sink nowimage

It’s still a lot of stuff, but it’s much more organized and easily accessible.
Next, I worked on the top of the sink and the towel rack. I rolled some of the towels and placed them on the shelf, and then I hung the others decoratively. Then I narrowed down our wash rags. There’s no reason why we needed 15 wash rags on our shelf. I left the ones that matched the towels.
Next, I took all the lotions, toothpastes, floss, cups, and toothbrushes and put them in their places. Toothbrushes on the rack, toothpaste under the sink in the basket with the floss and cups. This is my Bathroom now image


It feels so good to be organized! Now on to the kitchen…
Here are the befores.



The Dining area has become a catch all

My kitchen was so unorganized and so cluttered that it was driving me insane. I hated going in there to cook. L’s bottles and sippy cups were out on the counter tops because I didn’t have room in the cabinet for them, there were syringes, baby medicines, thermometers and pacifiers on the windowsill, and stuff all over my table. Gun cleaning kits, papers that needed to be recycled, seasonal things that needed to be put in the attic, and more of The Hubs work things. It is UNREAL the amount of things Police Officers have to have.
But it’s finally clean and organized.
I started by tackling that small little nook that’s been a catch all for The Hubs. I took all his papers that needed to be filed and filed them away, placed the bills in our handy dandy napkin holder haha, and then cleaned out his basket. Only left things that he actually used. Then I threw away all the trash, and wiped the counter top down. This is the nook now.

Looks a lot better right?

Next I moved to the larger counter top and end cabinet. I cleaned out the end cabinet, which we call “The baby cabinet”, gathered all of L’s sippy cups and bottles and placed them on the middle shelf. Next, I placed all of his various pacifiers and bottle nipples in a little basket and placed it beside the bottles. Then I took all the baby food and snacks that I pulled out of the cabinet and placed it back on the bottom shelf. Then I removed my breast pump and all the accoutrements for that and took it upstairs to the nursery closet. After that was done, I wiped down the counter tops, washed my Instant Pot, and put it in its place.

I packed up all of his syringes and baby medicine into his first aid kit and put it away in the medicine cabinet over our refrigerator. Then I folded and put away the laundry, stacked up the baskets, placed them on top of my washer and got them out of the way. This is the Kitchen area now.

SO much neater, cleaner, and more enjoyable.

Then I moved on to my dining area….ugh
I took all of The Hubs things (gun cleaning kits, tools, etc) and put them in the garage and on his cabinet. I recycled the papers that had been laying there for who knows how long. The seasonal items were taken to the attic and put away, and took all of The Hubs paper work to the office upstairs. After that was done, I just wiped down the table with some cleaner. This is the Dining Area now.


Now we can eat here! I’m pretty excited about that. After I finished the Dining area, all I did was sweep and mop the floors. And my Kitchen and Bathroom are now clean!

That marks the end of my Spring Cleaning journey. I hate cleaning, but it’s so nice to have it done and to know that I can relax now and enjoy it. Plus, now it won’t be as time consuming to keep clean. Have you started your Spring Cleaning yet? What have you gotten accomplished? Let me know!


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