This Badge…

This Badge means different things to different people. In our home, this is Daddy’s badge, and he wears it as a symbol. It’s a symbol of protection, of courage, and of service. But to some it means hatrid, racisim, and injustice.

These events going on in our country has my heart heavy. Because I know that the man who wears this badge is a good man. He is courageous, and honorable, and he would gladly lay his life down for an innocent. But I know that today, he will leave home and not everyone will see the man I see. They won’t see the loving Daddy who makes silly voices for his son’s pets, and who always has something to laugh about. They’ll see just another white cop with a badge and assume the worst. They’ll assume he’s racist, that he’s corrupt, and they’ll have a sense of fear around him. They’ll tell their children not to speak to him, or he’ll haul them off to jail. He will have young children run up to him and say “Don’t shoot!” And he’ll calmly explain to them that he would never hurt them, and that he is there for help and protection.

Today I am afraid, I am afraid that the next time I see this badge, a Chaplin will be handing it to me. I’m afraid because I know the people he comes into contact with. I have seen their faces and seen photos of their crimes, and I know that they hate him. 

But today, I will pin this badge onto his shirt, hug and kiss him goodbye, and say “See you tonight.” We never say goodbye. 
And please, as you remember those in Dallas, please remember when you come across a Police Officer, that they are someone’s husband, son, wife, daughter, brother or sister. They are everything to someone. They are a person. And remember that they have a family waiting for them. 


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  1. Lovely, touching post! And the corollary is that every white police officer should remember when s/he comes across a black/muslim/Asian wo/man “that they are someone’s husband, son, wife, daughter, brother or sister”, not to mention worker and human being. We all need to look beyond our racial, gender, class, religious prejudices. Amen!


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