Christmas Scripture Countdown

For the last 4 years, I’ve done a Scripture Countdown leading up to Christmas, and this year, I’d like to share it with you! What I do, is I write scripture down that begins with the prophecy of Christ’s birth, all the way through the “Christmas Story”. It’s just something that helps me focus on the real meaning of Christmas. I’ll continue to update this post every day with a new verse until Christmas Morning, so be sure to check back regularly. 

Feel free to share them with your family and friends.

~*~ December 1st ~*~ 

~*~ December 2nd ~*~

~*~ December 3rd ~*~

~*~ December 4th ~*~

~*~ December 5th ~*~

~*~ December 6th ~*~

~*~ December 7th ~*~

~*~ December 8th ~*~

~*~ December 9th ~*~

~*~ December 10th ~*~

~*~ December 11th ~*~

~*~ December 12th ~*~

~*~ December 13th ~*~

~*~ December 14th ~*~ 

~*~ December 15th ~*~

~*~ December 16th ~*~

~*~ December 17th ~*~

~*~ December 18th ~*~

~*~ December 19th ~*~ 

~*~ December 20th ~*~

~*~ December 21st ~*~

~*~ December 22nd ~*~

~*~ December 23rd ~*~

~*~ December 24th ~*~

I’m already looking forward to tomorrow! 


Christmas Quiche

Quiche is one of my favorite foods ever. Especially when it’s cold outside. 

When I was a child, instead of leaving out cookies and milk for Santa Clause, my mother and I laid out mini quiches and milk because unbeknown to me, “Santa” was a diabetic, and didn’t need those cookies 😊

So today when lunch time started rolling around, I decided to whip up a quiche for my son and I to enjoy. 

I’m calling it my Christmas Quiche, because of the beautiful red and green colors, and because of the memory of my childhood at Christmas time. 

This recipe is super easy. It has red bell pepper, feta cheese, fresh baby spinach, bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, and obviously, eggs. 

It has a smokey taste from the bacon, sweet from the bell pepper, and a saltiness from the feta cheese. It’s now a favorite of mine.

Here’s what you’ll need. 

1 pie crust 

1 Diced red bell pepper

3 strips of cooked bacon, diced

5 eggs

1 1/2 tablespoons of crumbled Feta cheese

1/3 cup of chopped fresh baby spinach 

1/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Salt and Pepper to taste
Preheat your oven to 400° 

Mix all ingredients together and pour into pie crust. Bake quiche until golden and bubbly. It took me about 30 minutes.

Let it cool slightly and serve. It’s a great breakfast, lunch or supper idea. It’s not too heavy, not too light, but just right.