A little advice from a first time Mother

Today, I messed up.
I let someone negatively influence my parenting skills. They told me how they discipline when their child was acting like mine, and hinted not so subtly, that I should do the same. I felt inferior and I felt like if it was working for them, then I should do it too. 

I tried it, and immediately, I felt guilty. I felt like I had broken him, and I held my child and apologized again and again. That style of parenting just isn’t for us. 

What works for you, doesn’t always work for everyone. And that’s okay. What worked for your Mother, doesn’t always work for you, and that’s okay. What works for your best friend, cousin, sister in law, etc, doesn’t always work for you, and THAT’S OKAY! 

YOU were given that child to raise. Not your Mother, not your best friend, but you. They are your responsibility. 

Once you find what works for you and your child, don’t let others try and tell you what you’re doing is wrong (unless abuse is present), or is going to spoil your baby. They don’t know them like you do. 

Sure some parents (and people without children) might think and/or call you lazy, but once again, they’re not responsible for your tiny person. 

Love your child and do what you believe to be best, and you’ll be a good parent. 

Now, I’m going to go grab my little L and play a game of ball. 


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  1. angandmae says:

    Great post! I totally have had this feeling before


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