Is it an update when it’s THIS late?


It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Sorry about that. I feel like I should reintroduce myself haha. Right after Christmas, we were bombarded with hoards of germs. I’ve been sick 3 times now in the month of January, and when I’m not sick, L is. It’s been rough, and while I’m currently on the mend, L started coming down with it on Sunday night. I AM SO READY FOR SPRING!!

Bring on the seasonal allergies cause at least I can keep them at bay with some Allegra. 

A lot has been happening in our household of late, as you may know, we have a new POTUS in office and it’s caused quite the displays of emotion. 

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that we are a Blue Family. My husband is a LEO and I’m so proud of him. There have been protests in our city, and I do mean actual protests, no rioters or things like that. Just people exercising their rights. It has caused a little bit of worry to slip into our home. But I have faith that it will all be fine.

As for my weight loss, it’s still going. It’s taking me a lot longer than I originally thought that it would. I saw how women were dropping 100 pounds in 1 year so I thought this wouldn’t be a long journey. Turns out I was wrong, and every body is different. Mine just so happens to REALLY like it’s extra padding so it’s having a hard time letting go. But it will. Because my body ain’t Rose and my fat ain’t Jack. 

It’s been nearly a year and my body HAS changed, I no longer wear a 3x but a 2x, and I no longer wear a 22/24 pant size, but an 18/20! 

I’ve also noticed lots of muscle building. I have calves popping out, and when I bend over at the waist to pick something up, I always notice how muscular my thighs are looking.

If you’d like to follow my journey more closely, you can hope over to my Instagram. I post more pictures there and more regularly. 

I hope to soon be back at my regular posting of fun things, ideas, and things my picky toddler will actually eat, but it may be another 2 or 3 days. This cold ain’t no joke!

But until then, I hope you enjoy what is already posted. Remember to check out my Instagram for some meal ideas, updates, and whatnot on my journey to be healthier. 

Tata for now!


My body is telling me no, but my mind is telling me yes!

Good Friday evening! 

I’ve been super duper struggling these past few weeks with good food choices and my workouts. And while I’ve been getting my steps in, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t actually worked out in over a week, and today, I had an oatmeal creampie. It was nowhere near as delicious as I remember them being, but it was still junk. My body has been revolting against processed, refined and artificial sugars recently. They make my stomach so sick, but my mind just hasn’t gotten the memo yet apparently. Still thinks that sugar is delicious and good for me 😔
But I’m back at it today! It’s been nearly 2 months, and in those two months of eating better, and exercising semi regularly, I’ve lost 5 inches in my waist, and 3 and a half in my hips. My belly isn’t much smaller though. But I won’t give up! I still don’t have any idea how much weight I’ve actually lost, because every time I go to the store, I forget to buy a scale (you try shopping with a grab happy talkative 10 month old and see how much you remember to buy)

I still feel good though so that’s a positive. I still haven’t gotten myself any weights, once again, a 10 month old, but I’m sure once I actually remember to get them, the arm fat will just melt off.
So slow and steady, er, semi steady for now.
I’m still wearing a 3X in most things, but I will say I bought myself a 2X tshirt the other day to workout in


I don’t think it looks half bad! Can’t wait for it to be too big though 😊.  That day is comin’ I know it is. Just gotta work for it.
I’ve got 8 weeks left to lose 5 more inches. Think I can do it? I hope I can!

20 day check in

So it’s been 20 days. 20 days of eating mostly healthy foods and exercising. I won’t lie, I’m not depriving myself of all things delicious, but I have cut way, way back. Baby steps.
I’ve been walking a lot. I try to make my goal of 6000 steps a day. I also learned that I don’t HAVE to go on actual walks to get my steps in. For some reason, I never realized how much I walked around the house. I average out 3000 steps just in doors! Plus, I’m usually packing around a 30lb baby. I also started doing the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels again, and let me tell you, I hate, HATE jumping jacks. And my knees are now killing me, but I’m hoping it’s worth it.
I haven’t weighed myself at home yet, because it hasn’t been a month, but I had a Dr’s appointment this past week and was weighed….and I had GAINED weight. Gained. I have no idea how it’s possible, but it happened, it also happened that I LOST 3 inches off of my waist, and 2 inches off of my hips! I know, the human body is weird. But, once my month is up, I’ll weigh myself and see what I’m working with.
I’m feeling good, physically. Emotionally, I’m a mess, hahaha. I’ve been overweight my entire life, and while I’m determined to lose the weight, I’m afraid of what I’ll be once it’s gone. I feel like I’ll have to become reacquainted with myself, know what I mean? Being a bigger plus size girl is all I know. But I can do it, that I know.
I thought I would include a picture from my Myfitnessapp, and let you see what a typical day of meals looks like for me.




As you can see, I’m not depriving myself. But this is WAY different than what I used to eat. I used to eat out a lot, plus come home and eat chicken nuggets, or stuff my face with ice cream. But I’ve changed my diet. I’m trying to eat more real foods, and more filling foods. This was my lunch today


A spinach herb tortilla wrap filled with lettuce, deli ham, shredded cheddar cheese, and a little bit of ranch dressing. Then, some toasted Italian bread rounds, gouda cheese, and Italian salami. I also had a small glass of Kiefer for probiotics, and a large glass of water. It was very filling, and it wasn’t full of sugar, fat, or grease.
So, at the end of the day, after all my exercising, and my eating, I completed my log.


I’m starting out at my heaviest I’ve ever been, which is 300lbs. I’m ashamed that I’ve gotten to this point, but, I’m not going to be here for long. I refuse to be. My son’s Birthday is in just 3 months and I have a ways to go, but I’m going to meet my goal, and when I do, I’ll set another goal, and another, and another….